20HRS OF Silence. 20 Participants.

Join us on the 6th April at the Naval Store Fremantle for our first 20 Hours For 20Talk challenge. Can you sit in a 2 metre square for 20 hours with no technology. Test yourself. Minimal Fundraising Requirements Apply.

We will see you in silence

With only a seat, journal, water bottle and swag, we're asking 20 bold individuals to raise vital funds for mental health charity 20Talk. Watch the video below for more information.



Date: 6th April

Time: 4am - 12am

Location: Naval Store Fremantle

Participants: 20 Participants


20 hours is a 2 metre square
No technology
No talking
Bring: Journal, camping chair, water bottle and single swag.


All particpants must raise a minimum of $1,000 prior to the event to be eligble for challenge day. Fundraise with connections and top up if needed.

Your opportunity to make an impact

20 Hours for 20Talk is an exciting new challenge platform created by youth mental health charity 20Talk. Their aim is provide preventative mental health education to young Aussies all across the nation.

By completing 20 hours in a square you can make a real impact in the lives of people who live with mental illnesses.

Mental Health Training Scholarships

Every $200 raised allows 20Talk to provide a Mental Health Maintenance scholarship to a young adult aged 18-30.

Education Platform

Funds help 20Talk provide educational content to over 60,000 young people in Australia every day.


Contributions are allocated to create interactive mental health events young people actually enjoy.

100% Donated to youth mental health

20Talk is a mental health charity providing education, for young people, by young people. 20talk started this fundraiser because mental health prevention only attracts 2% of government/corporate funding. The way prevention charities are being supported needs to change.